Bio Medical Waste Shredder

Amey Engineers produces Machines for shredding / destruction of hospital and medical waste, featuring maximum production capacity and a high level of automation.

The treatment of hospital waste is governed by strict regulations, In India CPCB has provided detailed rules for Bio-Medical Waste Management. Which foresee the sterilization and disposal of potentially infectious hazardous medical waste.

With Amey Engineers Machinery plants, potentially infectious and hazardous hospital waste is pre-treated by grinding and Shredding.

The shredded or grinded bio medical waste is then processed as per the CPCB regulations. Some of the output material can be used as RDF (refuse-derived fuel).

Bio-Medical Waste Shredders

Red Waste Disposal Options

Autoclaving or micro - waving/ hydroclaving followed by shredding or mutilation or combination of sterilization and shredding. Treated waste to be sent to registered or authorized recyclers or for energy recovery or plastics to diesel or fuel oil or for road making, whichever is possible. Plastic waste should not be sent to landfill sites.

White (Translucent) Waste Disposal Options

Autoclaving or Dry Heat Sterilization followed by shredding or mutilation or encapsulation in metal container or cement concrete; combination of shredding cum autoclaving; and sent for final disposal to iron foundries (having consent to operate from the State Pollution Control Board s or Pollution Control Committee s) or sanitary landfill or designated concrete waste sharp pit.

Blue Waste Disposal Options

Disinfection (by soaking the washed glass waste after cleaning with detergent and Sodium Hypochlorite treatment) or through autoclaving or microwaving or hydroclaving and then sent for recycling.

Waste sharps including Metals

Needles, syringes with fixed needles, needles from needle tip cutter or burner, scalpels, blades, or any other contaminated sharp object that may cause puncture and cuts. This includes both used, discarded and contaminated metal sharps

Contaminated Waste (Recyclable)

Wastes generated from disposable items such as tubing, bottles, intravenous tubes and sets, catheters, urine bags, syringes (without needles and fixed needle syringes ) and vaccutainers with their needles cut) and gloves.


Broken or discarded and contaminated glass including medicine vials and ampoules except those contaminated with cytotoxic wastes