SM Series Shredders

SM 600 - Metal Shredder

SM 800

SM 800

SM Industrial Dual Shaft Shredders Introduction :

SM series dual shaft shredders are designed for medium to heavy duty application in Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Food and Recycling industry. These shredders with power range typically from 15 HP till 40 HP in 3 phase cater the specific power and throughput requirement of mid scale pharma/FMCG plant or city level recycling plant . The three standard models 300, 400 and 600 are designed and customized to shred ALL types of Pharma, FMGC and Food Industry waste. SM Series has 4 Step torque gain process where Motor torque is enhanced and speed is reduced in 4 gradual steps. THis gradual reduction gives scope to build large service factor /safety factor in shredder. The high service factor gearboxes makes Amey Engineers shredders so rugged and durable that these machine keep working for a couple of decades at least in heavy load conditions.SM Shredders can shred metal objects, E-waste, Bulk Product destruction. And can give for throughput upto 2-3 tons/hr. These are very versatile shredders which can be used for shredding ALL types of material. With the accessories evolved around this shredder customer can have dust separation , Liquid separation, Tablet separation, and many more unique application.

SM 600 GMP

SM 600 GMP with Pressure Pad

SM 300

SM 300

SM 600 GMP

SM 600 GMP with Oil Spray

SM Dual Shaft Shredders Technical Specification

Applications of SM Shredders

General Applications

  • Metal Shredding

  • E-waste Shredding

  • Paper Shredding

  • Product Destruction

Pharma Industry Applications

  • Blister/Foils Shredding

  • Mono Carton Shredding

  • Plastic Ampules Shredding

  • HDPE Bottles Shredding

  • Glass Vials Shredding

  • Glass Bottles Shredding

  • Eye/Ear/Nose Medicine Drops Bottles Shredding

  • Canister Shredding

  • Packaging Inserts, Outserts Shredding

Organic Waste Shredding

Tire Shredding

Metal Shredder for Recycling

MS tins, cans, roofing sheets shredder

Aluminum sheet, cans shredding

Copper Wires, Insulated Wires Shredder

High Tension electrical wires shredder

E-Waste Recycling

PCB Shredding

Hard Disk Shredding

PC Cabinets shredding

* Note: Illustrations, specifications and descriptions presented reflect standard product at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories ** Throughput depends on the material type and dimensions

Application Videos of SM Dual Shaft Shredders