Blisters and Foils Shredder

Blister and Foils Shredder

Blister and Foils Shredder

Blisters are generally used by pharma companies for packaging medicines, capsules and small injectables. waste blisters shredding is one of the various pharma shredding requirements and amey engineers provides optimum and cost effective shredders for this requirement.

Ps 400 h shredder from amey engineers is well suited for shredding all types of filled or empty blisters. this dual shaft shredder comes with a 7.5 hp 3 phase induction motor and can give a throughput of around 80 to 100 kg/hr.

Feed width available is 410 mm and feed hopper can be configured for automatic feeding. power transmission is through pulley and wormbox arrangement and final drive speed is around 35 rpm.

For filled blisters, even tablet/capsule separating arrangement can be provided. Ps 400 h blister shredder is available in cgmp conforming moc.

Blister, Foils Shredder

Simple shredder machine to cut destroy the blisters, foils, cartons, packaging inserts etc.

Bulk Shredding of Blisters, Foils and other Pharma Scrap

A 4 shaft shredder with larger feed opening for bulk feeding of scrap