Amey Engineers Products Range

We are a reliable manufacturer and seller of a sophisticated range of Crushers and Shredders. These products are in excellent working conditions are of optimum quality. Our quality-assured range is offered at cost-effective prices and is widely demanded by our clients spread all across the nation. We offer:

Amey Engineers Product Range at a glance

Single Shaft, Dual Shaft, 4 Shaft Shredding mills and systems

Lab Scale and Industrial Centrifuges Bag Lift, Top Lift, Bottom Discharge etc

Industrial Crushers, Laboratory Crushers, Fine Crushers

Batch and Continuous type systems

Hammer mills

Light 1-3 HP and Heavy Duty 15-30 HP

Bio Mixer, Trolley Lifter, Trommel etc.

Amey Engineers believe in the solution designed precise for the application and the operating conditions. This has resulted in a wide range of the machinery designed by Amey Engineers.


High speed cutting machines with HCHCr blades (for general purpose crushing) or Hard facing (Glass crushing). Crushers are fitted with 2 rotatry and 2 stationary blades (NS range and upto 6 rotary and 4 stationary for NSM range) and has a output screen. Crushed material size can be controlled by output screen. e.g. if less than 10 mm crushed pieces are desired then screen of hole or slot of size 10 mm is selected. HCHCr blades require periodic sharpening and Hard face blades would require refurbishing or replacement (due to abrasive nature of glass).


Slow speed, high torque, shear cutting action. Shredders can deliver more cutting power and can process material faster than crusher. Material spends less time in shredding chamber hence low effects of corrosion or abrasion. Output shred size of the shredder is limited by cutter thickness. e.g. with a 12 mm with blades output would be pieces of 1 mm width and uneven lengths. Shredders cutters have a very long life compared to crusher but it is advised to have separate shredders or shredder chambers for glass and other materials.