Recycling Industry Applications

UBC Aluminum Cans Bale Shredding

Scrapped Car Alternators for Recycling

Car Alternator Shredding

Car alternators are shredded in Amey Engineers hammer mill so that the casted bod crack opens and copper is separated from the stator as well as rotor . The output can be easily segregated as per metal classification

Scrap Aluminum Extrusion 6063 scrap for recycling

Aluminum Extrusion Scrap 6063 Shredding

Aluminum Extrusion scrap is shredded in a hammer mill to remove the impurities i.e. non aluminum attachments in the extrusion.

Mixed aluminum scrap for hammer mill recycling

Cast Aluminum Scrap Shredding

Cast aluminum scrap is shredded in a hammer mill so that the scrap object break opens. Once the item breaks then its contents are classified in different types of metals.

Aluminum radiator scrap for recycling in hammer mill

Aluminum Radiator Scrap Processing

Aluminum radiator scrap come in a baled form. The radiator fins traps lots of dust particles in it. Shredding the aluminum radiators in hammer mill break open the radiators and clean the aluminum

Aluminum Engine Block scrap for recycling in hammer mill

Aluminum Engine Scrap Shredding

Aluminum Engine scrap is the most common scrap processed in a hammer mill. The engine blocks are crushed open to remove other metal parts such as valves in the engine.

Copper Recovery from Electric Motor Rotor and Stator

Electric motor are dismantled to separate rotor and stators. These electric motor parts are crushed in hammer mill to separate copper

Bearing Scrap for destruction application

Product Destruction - Discarded Bearing Scrap Shredding

Discarded material is destroyed in the factory of OEM. The scrap is destroyed so that it is no reused in seconds market.

Mixed aluminum scrap material for recycling in hammer mill

Mixed Auminum Scrap Recycling

The mixed scrap consists of impurities attachment. These are processed in hammer mill to clean the material

Small copper material for recycling in hammer mill

Small Copper Transformer Recycling

Copper transformers are crushed in hammer mill so that the stampings and copper is separated

Mixed Electric Appliances Scrap Recycling

This consists of small Electronics Motors and other copper containing electronics components in Appliances

Heater Coil Scrap Recycling in Hammer mill

Heater Coils Pipe Processing to Remove Filled Material

Heater Coils Pipe contains some white heat resistant insulating material filling. This powder need to be removed for recycling.

Ore and Mineral Rock for hammer mill grinding

Ore and Mineral Rock Processing

Ore and mineral rock are crushed in hammer mill to fine size to obtain uniform smaller rocks for ease of handling

Air Bag Inflator Recycling in hammer mill

Airbag Inflator (Dhamaka) Recycling

Airbag Inflators include some blasting element. These are processed to separate the aluminum casing form non recyclable

Brass Fittings Recycling