Laboratory Crushers

For Laboratory Scale light Crushing or Grinding of All Plastic Material, Glass, Vials, Ampules, Bottles, Chemical Lumps and some Organic materials

Laboratory Crushers

Laboratory grade crusher suitable for crushing Pharma wastes like vials, ampules,some organic material, blisters, foils with arrangement for liquid separation and dust collection.

A laboratory crusher, or pulverizer, is a device designed to forcefully reduce solid samples such as rocks to fine dust or powder for molecular analysis

Laboratory Crushers Technical Specification

NS 150 FLP

NS 150 FLP

NS 220

NS 180

* Note: Illustrations, specifications and descriptions presented reflect standard product at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories ** Throughput depends on the material type and dimensions

Application Videos of Laboratory Crusher

General Technical Specifications of Amey Crushers

Cutter MoC


MS structure or SS 304 structure

Shaft MoC


Alloy steel duely toughned

Motor Make


Reputed Make (Crompton/Havells/Siemens/BBL/ABB)

Motor Type


Squirrel cage Foot mounted

Electric Control


Soft start with R/F switch



Cast Iron / Cast SS / MS and SS fabricated



Mild Steel or SS 304/ SS 316

Base Frame


Mild Steel Structural part with base heavy designe and high stability

Machine External parts


MS finish (Primer and Finish Paint) or GMP finish (SS 304 / SS 316 with matt finish)

Machine MoC


MS or GMP [All contact parts will be of SS 304 including Cutters and all other non contact parts such as stand etc will be cladded with SS 304.]



Base Heavy steady design, no special Foundation requried, simple grouting is enough and is optional

Advantages of the Amey Crusher over the Plastic Grinder Design

Complete Design Control :

Amey Engineers NS Series crushers are in-house designed and developed to tackle the specific disadvantages of the conventional design.

The primary advantages :

Axial entry of material in the cutting chamber giving reduced throw back and faster output also no requirement of pushing material in the cutting chamber (This is a major disadvantage of conventional design).

Safety Mechanisms :

  • Hopper is interlocked with motor so that machine will not start if hopper is open or machine will stop if hopper is opened in between.
  • The hopper is made big enough so that operator hand does not reach cutters.
  • Unique design make no throw back of material from feed opening.
  • No need of pushing material in the hopper

Light Weight Plastic Processing like Milk Bags, low micron bags :

Amey Crushers are designed in unique way so that it can cut light weight plastic items more efficiently than conventional design.

Low Cost Blades which are Easy replaceable and Easy to adjust :

Uses Special alloy material (HCHCr) blades hardened to 60+ RC. Ease of replacement/sharpening of blade. Comparatively less wastage of blade unused area. Side facing output chute makes collection of crushed item easy.

Machine Adaptability, Application Flexibility :

  • With minor change the same machine can be used for Glass crushing or chemical lumps crushing and even organic material grinding.
  • Liquid/oil spray arrangement can be done for rubber grinding
  • 2,4,6 Rotary blade option, and 2,4 stationary blade option
  • Lots of standard accessories for various Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Food Industry Applications.

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