Plastic Shredding and Crushing

Heavy Duty Plastic Shredding

SM 900 HD model with 60 HP motor and large feed hopper for bulk destruction of drums and other large plastic items.

Amey Engineers Heavy Duty Plastic Shredder Machine are designed to process material from 1 ton/hr and more capacity. These are used for MSW processing or Hazardous waste management application etc.

Amey Engineers SM HD series dual shaft shredder is heavy duty dual shaft slow speed high torque shredder best suitable for high load processing. These shredders are designed to process Plastics, Metals, Organic Waste, E-Waste, Paper, Cardboards and Product destruction.

Double Shaft Shredder with loading hoppers, equipped with high quality cutters with low rotation speed for a lower energy consumption and noise reduction. It incorporates two counter-rotating shafts that intermesh with each other(2 shafts with sharp elements constituted by sharp-corners disks provided with hooks); Every hook has the task to hook the product and drive-it by the action of the two counter-rotating shafts). The material is powerfully torn and shredded by the talons of the cuttings discs. Specially designed rotor makes the shredder be extremely wear resistant.

There are 2 solutions for plastic size reduction, Shredders and Crushers/Grinder

Crushers :

High-speed cutting machines with HCHCr blades (for general purpose crushing) or Hard facing (Glass crushing). Crushers are fitted with 2 rotary and 2 stationary blades (NS range and up to 6 rotary and 4 stationary for NSM range) and have an output screen. Crushed material size can be controlled by the output screen. e.g. if less than 10 mm crushed pieces are desired then the screen of hole or slot of size 10 mm is selected. HCHCr blades require periodic sharpening and Hard face blades would require refurbishing or replacement (due to abrasive nature of glass).

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Shredders :

Brief Introduction of Dual Shaft Shredders

Slow speed, high torque, shear cutting action. Shredders can deliver more cutting power and can process material faster than crusher. Material spends less time in shredding chamber hence low effects of corrosion or abrasion. Output shred size of the shredder is limited by cutter thickness. e.g. with a 12 mm with blades output would be pieces of 1 mm width and uneven lengths. Shredders cutters have a very long life compared to crusher but it is advised to have separate shredders or shredder chambers for glass and other materials.

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Dual Shaft Shredder For Plastic

Dual Shaft Shredders are best suitable for primary destruction applications of plastic with no or very loose control on output particle size

4 Shaft Shredder for Plastic

4 Shaft shredders are the right solution when bulk loading is required and controlled size output is required.

NS series Crushers for Plastic

Crushers are used when a definite output size is required and the feed material is of uniform shape and size.

Common Application under plastic shredding and processing

  • PET Bottles shredder - Bulk bottles shredder - Plastic bottles shredder heavy duty

  • Mini Pet Bottle crushing machine - single bottles shredder - Reverse Vending Machine (RVM)

  • Thin polythene bags grinder

  • Plastic grinder for addition in tar roads, Hot Mix plant plastic grinder

  • Milk Bags shredder, LDPE plastic shredder

  • Plastic Crusher for size reduction

  • Industrial plastic shredding machine for drums Shredding, e-waste - shredding etc.

  • Plastic medical waste shredder machine

  • Municipal waste plastic shredder and grinder - Plastic scrap crusher machine

  • PP bags shredder machine

  • Woven bags shredding machine

  • Cement bags shredding machine

  • Laminated pouches shredding machine

  • Plastic pipes shredding machine

  • Plastic Granules grinding machine - Granules pulverization machine

  • Plastic lumps shredding

  • Electrical appliances plastic waste shredding, White goods plastic scrap shredding

  • Cartons, paper, and plastic mix waste shredder

  • Domestic plastic and glass crap shredder

  • Plastic Film Grinding, Magnetic Tape grinding, Data Tapes Destruction

  • Plastic sticker label rolls shredder

  • Plastic tray shredding, plastic crates shredding, Plastic bins shredding and grinding

  • Shoe soles shredder, Shoe soles grinding machine

  • Plastic wire scrap grinding machine

  • Drip irrigation pipe shredding machine

Application under plastic shredding and processing