Squeezer Separator

Amey Engineers Squeezer Separator machine

The machine is specially designed to separate the liquids from the packaging. The high pressure generated in the machine squeezes out the filled material like water, shampoo, cream, cold drinks etc....

The Separator machine is available in MS as well as SS configuration. The basic 2 models as follows

5 HP Squeezer - capacity for creams 200 kg/hr

10 HP Squeezer - Capacity for creams 800 kg/hr

These are versatile machines with

Applications of Squeezer Separator Machine

  • Separation of water from pet bottles

  • Separation of juices from cartons

  • Separation of juice, cold drinks from bottles

  • Separation of cream from tubes

  • Separation of toothpaste from tubes

  • Separation of medical ointments from aluminum or plastic tubes

  • Separation of shampoo from the sachets

  • Separation of hair dye from the sachets pouches

  • Separation of jelly from the plastic packaging

  • Separation of food paste from the packaging

  • Separation of tomato sauce from the small plastic pouches

  • Separation of lime (chuna) from plastic tubes or pouches

  • Separation of hair oil from the bottles, pouches, special small packagings

  • Separation of food oil from its pouches and cans

Industry Application of the Amey Engineers Squeezer Machine

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry

    • Ointment separation

    • Eardrop, Eye drop separation

    • Gel filled capsules separation

  2. FMCG Industry

    • Toothpaste separation from tubes

    • Cream separation from container

    • Sauce separation from pouch, tubes, pichku

    • Lime separation

    • Gel Separation

  3. Food Industry

  4. Agricultural Industry