Sticker Label Adhesive Material Rolls Shredder

Sticker Label Shredder

Sticker Label Shredder

Plastic Sticker/ Label rolls are widely used in Pharma, FMCG and Printing- packaging industry. Amey Engineers' PS and PS H range of medium to heavy duty dual shaft shredders are suitable for Sticker/ Labels scrap destruction application.

PS and PS H series of shredders come in power range of 2 hp to 12.5 hp and use 3-phase IP rated induction motors. These shredders use in-house designed high safety factor gearbox (for speed reduction and torque transmission); which ensures long service life and smooth performance. Cutter diameters range from 120 mm to 170 mm and rotational speed of drive shafts is around 35 rpm. Cutters are available in various configurations(e.g.- Milled type, Multi-point toothed, serrated roll type etc). For this specific application, an arrangement is also made inside the cutting chamber to overcome the effect of sticker glue and avoid material sticking to cutters. Shredded output is in the form of 6 mm or 12 mm strips depending on the shredder model and cutter width. Throughput varies from 30 to 100 kg/hr across PS and PS H series shredder range.

Plastic labels/ sticker rolls can also be mounted on a roll bracket and fed in the shredder in the form of continuous film. In this case PS series of shredders are more suitable from cost point of view. However for shredding whole sticker/ label rolls PS H series of shredders are appropriate. Loose plastic stickers/labels can also be shredded in both PS and PS H series.

These shredders are available in M.S. or S.S. MoC. Standard models in PS and PS H series include:- PS 300, PS 400, PS 300 H, PS 400 H, PS 600 H.

For even higher feed and throughput requirements; SM and SM HD series of heavy duty shredders are also available.

Sticker Label Shredder

This is PS H MC series shredder with special oil spray arrangement which can shred whole rolls of the stickers

Heavy Duty Shredder for Sticker label rolls and mixed pharma waste

SM 600 HD GMP in Combo arrangement

4 Shaft Shredder for Bulk Shredding of Tapes Rolls of Sticker Labels