PET Bottle Shredder

PET Bottle Shredder

PET Bottle Shredder

The Pet Bottle Shredders processes the bottles in the tiny sizes, is specially purposed to recycle the plastic bottles, pill bottles and shampoo bottles to make the new products. It uses little power and produces minimal noises, less operation and maintenance and service cost, has a bin containing the plastic crumbles, container for liquids. The shredded PET products offer so many advantages of keeping the environment clean and recycling products to manufacturer the new accessories.

The plastic bottle shredders offer the people so many benefits like minimizing the size of the waste plastic materials and increase the available area. We construct the specialized PET bottle shredders and offer them at the economical price. Our engineers construct the machines following the highest standards.

PET Bottle Shredder Features

  • Easy Starting

  • Low Power Consumption

  • Fineness Control

  • Dust Free Operations

  • Auto Feeding

  • No Skilled Labour Required

PET Bottle Shredder

To crush defective plastic into granular form we provide Pet bottle shredder machine. By these machines, plastic can be recycled and remoulded for use in manufacturing other products. These machines help to reduce the volume of plastic waste, make it usable for reproduction of plastic products.