Dual Shaft Shredders for Organic Waste

Dual Shaft organic waste shredder works on the shear cutting principal.

The Major advantage dual shaft organic waste shredder machine has is, silent operation, and robust rugged design. dual shaft shredders can work for decades without asking for major maintenance needs.

Dual shaft shredders with correct selection of feed hopper size and the power offers most convenient operation. Dual shaft organic waste shredders with 7.5 HP and higher power can process wide variety of material some are listed below

  • Green coconut, wet coconut, dry coconut Shredding coconut shells shredding
  • Coconut leaves shredding, Banana leaves shredding and other palm leaves shredding
  • Kitchen waste shredding
  • Vegetable market waste shredding, fish market waste shredding, slaughterhouse waste shredding
  • Garden waste shredding with branches upto 3 inch thick shredding.
  • Mixed MSW shredding. Municipal solid waste shredding for segregation.

Light Duty ( 2-5 HP) Dual Shaft Shredders

PS 220 OH MC

PS 300 OH MC

PS 300 OH MC

Advantages of Amey Shredders over the similar design models in the market

  • In house designed and manufactured gearboxes with maximum safety factor in the market
  • Innovative cutter design for smallest particle size
  • Sturdy stand and rugged body
  • Base heavy design - Less vibrations and noise
  • Lowest - near zero maintenance requirements

Amey Engineers Organic waste shredder design is suitable for food waste shredder organic waste recycling line and industrial organic waste shredder applications.

There are many vendors in the market who make diy organic waste shredders but Amey Engineers professionally designed shredder for organic waste are the most popular and widely used for the low volume applications such as for society organic waste shredding or farm house organic waste shredding as well as heavy duty and industrial applications such as municipal organic waste shredding.

Many customers impressed by videos of filamaker organic waste shredder fail to notice that the person recording the video is changing the cutter configuration and motor power during every short clip. these very small shredders generally fail to catch the round shaped or large diameter objects such as capsicum, cauliflower and even tomatoes and potatoes in some cases.

People are searching on net with below key words while looking to buy an organic waste shredder machine. On the internet (especially google) they are mislead by the vendors who have SEO optimized their website for these keywords but infact are traders and not manufacturers.

"organic paper shredder, organic shredder industrial, organic shredder manufacturers, sears organic shredder, shredder for organic waste, trapp organic shredder, globe organic shredder, globe organic shredders"

Amey Engineers are the manufacturer of dual shaft shredders, crushers, centrifuges and chip wringers. We have manufacturing facility at Dombivli, Maharashtra with complete in house design and manufacturing capabilities.

Medium and Heavy Duty (7.5 HP to 40 HP) Dual Shaft Shredders for Organic Waste

PS 300 H MC

PS 300 H MC

SM 600

Call us to know the available organic waste shredders on sale and to know organic waste shredder machine price.

When you are buying a dual shaft shredder machine for organic waste processing keep the below information handy

  1. What is the final application Bio Gas or Composting?
  2. What are the input material you wish to process ? make list of all item you may want to shred in this machine
  3. Which process or method of composting you will be using.
  4. What is the capacity requirement ? How many kg of waste you wish to process in a day? how many hours you wish to use the machine, what is kg/hr requirement?
  5. Any other constraints, 3 phase power availability, mobility, diesel engine powered required etc.....