Ointment Tubes Shredder

Ointment Tubes Shredder

Ointment Tubes Shredder

Crushers are best suited for crushing of empty tubes of toothpaste, ointments etc....With the use of out put filter screen you user can control the crushed particle size. Amey Engineers NS series crushers are very safe and rugged machine which can give through up to a few tons per hour.

Toothpaste tube recycling machine, mainly used for separating aluminum from laminated plastic, aluminum recovery rate is 99%, toothpaste tube separator can be applied to recycling toothpaste tubes, waste aluminum composite panels, and other scrap aluminium laminated flexible packaging.

Waste Toothpaste Tube Recycling Machine Working Principle. Firstly the waste toothpaste tube crusher will be crush the recycle toothpaste tube into 0.5cm pieces, secondly, using the grinding mill machine to process small pieces into mixed metal powder and nonmetal powder. Thirdly, through circular vibrating screen, high-voltage electrostatic sorting equipment to sort and separate this mixture powder and get the separated pure aluminum, plastic powder, toothpaste tube separator can separate the aluminum and plastic with 99.9% recovery rate.

Toothpaste Tube Recycling Machine Features

√ capacity ranges: 3-10 tons per day.

√ Low noise. no dust.

√ Higher separating rate: adopting high pressure double roller electrostatic separation technology, purity of aluminum recovery rate reach to 99.99 %

√ Pulse dust collect device, ensure operation workshop air cleaner.

√ Applying to multiple raw material: mainly used to separate conductor and non-conductor composite, metal and non-metal compound.

√ The wholly toothpaste tube recycle can be realized in one recycling line, and the fully closed operation environment ensures no dust pollution.

Filled and Empty Tubes Shredding

Amey Engineers Dual Shaft Shredders are widely used in Pharmaceutical and FMCG industry for destruction of the tubes used for ointments or toothpaste etc.

Empty Tubes Fine Grinding

NS Series Crusher for fine grinding ( <5 mm ) the tubes for destruction and recycling purpose