Amey Engineers BioCrusher 

Bio Mixers machines developed by Amey Engineers are widely used for feed material processing in Bio Gas plants across India. 

These machines are very robust and can easily handle impurities like stones, soil, metal objects, and hard plastic objects. The machine can also take care of polythene bags and thin plastic bags which are generally found as common impurities in the MSW organic waste.

Amey Engineers keeps a ready stock of the consumable spares of the machine. The machine is made very easy to maintain and all maintenance is usually performed on-site by the operator team. 

The machine is a simple plug-and-play type machine it does not require special foundation or grouting. The machine comes with an inbuilt sorting tray arrangement made in SS304. The machine is provided with a continuous water supply to make a uniform slurry of the feed-in material.

The machines are also known as Food Waste Crushers, Bio Crushers, Food waste Gridners, vegetable waste crushers, 

Amey BioMixer Models




Bio Mixer 300 - 5 HP (Variants - MS, SS 304)

100-150 kg/hr

5 Hp

Bio Mixer 300 - 7.5 HP (Variants - MS, SS 304)

200 - 400 kg/hr

7.5 Hp

Bio Mixer 300 - 10 HP (Variants - MS, SS 304)

350 - 600 kg/hr

10 Hp

Amey Engineers have a wide variety of solutions adjusted to the specific requirements of the organic waste processing applications. Following are the different types of machines we offer 

Amey Crushers are most suited when the customer needs a precise fine size of the output material. Also when the organic mass contains fibrous material then the crusher is the only option available for cutting the fibers to a small size. 

Crushers are ideally made for industrial applications and can be automated with a feeding conveyor and output pump. The crusher's range starts from 3 Hp and goes up to 60 Hp in standalone machines and to even higher capacities in combined systems.

Amey Shredders are preferably for composting or aerobic digestion of organic waste. However, in some cases, the dual shaft shredder output is also used for methanation projects. 

The basic advantage of a dual-shaft shredder is the high torque available for shredding the tough material. Amey Engineers have supplied shredders for domestic use, for societies, municipalities and government bodies, large kitchens and bulk food manufacturers, FMCG, and many more.

Amey Twin shaft shredders for organic waste are rugged machines made for long life and 

Amey Shredders 4 shaft shredders offer a perfect mix of abilities of a crusher and a dual shaft shredder. A four-shaft shredder is fitted with a screen. The screen ensures that the output material is of uniform size and shape. The shredder can also provide high torque cutting to process the bulk material as well as offer the controlled output size