Mono Cartons, Shippers Shredder

Cardboard Shredder Machine

Cardboard Shredder Machine

With our cardboard shredder, convert old cartons into soft packing material, save on expensive plastic materials, sold extensively in India, Eco friendly and in-house packing material anytime available on hand.

Pack anything safely, cheaply and with satisfaction of doing your bit for the environment!

Cardboard shredders offered by one of the leading shredding equipment dealer in India. Where value, quality, and customer support is offered to our respected customers.

A company that has led the globe manufacturing the world's most reliable cardboard shredders, salutes the early adopters, these Green Champions, for their foresight in building a more sustainable environment.

We offer the most complete product selection of cardboard and corrugated box shredders. Cardboard shredders have become one of the best solutions to reducing packaging costs by converting cardboard boxes into excellent and soft packaging material.

Amey Engineers cardboard shredders are some of the leading cardboard shredders in customer satisfaction sold all over the world.

Cartons, PIL Shredder

PS 300 H Shredder for light to medium duty shredding

Shippers, Large Card Board Boxes Shredder

PS 1200 H shredder for 1 mtr and longer cardboard with 7 ply + thickness

Mixed Pharma Waste Shredder

PS 300 H GMP for shredding of all flat pharmaceutical waste such as blisters, foils, mono cartons, shippers etc..

Pouches, Cartons, Cardboard Shredder

PS 600 H for medium to heavy duty shredding of the flat pharmaceutical wastes