Metal Swarf Shredding

Scrap Metal Shredder

Amey Engineers' industrial duty Dual shaft shredders are ideal for shredding Metal swarf (i.e metallic wastes viz turning chips, cuttings, filings, etc) generated during various machining operations. The main aim of shredding metal swarf is to reduce the volume occupied for storage or for transportation.These shredders are available in wide power range (from 10 to 60HP) and in various capacities

Metal Swarf Shredding Features

  • · Low maintenance
  • · Heavy duty base frame construction
  • · Operator safe design and Auto-reversing functionality to avoid jamming and to safeguard motor.
  • · Alloy steel cutters and toughened shafts.
  • · High safety factor inhouse designed and manufactured Gearbox
  • · Various feed hopper sizes and configurations

Industrial Metal Shredder

Metal Scrap Shredder Machine is heavy duty 2 shaft shredder with special alloy hardened cutter and heavy shafting, the gearing is design in such a way that maximum torque is gained with minimum efficiency loss and impacts can be absorbed