PVC , PVDC Rolls , Aluminum Foil and Sticker Label Rolls Shredder

Industrial paper shredder machines Applications

Based on the type of packaging to be shredded, industrial paper shredder machine application can be segmented into:


• Papers

• Paperboard product

• Cardboard products

• Drink cartons

Every item above required different treatment in shredder as the end product and its life cycle are different.

For an example Paper shredding is done for either security destruction purpose. i.e. making waste paper documents illegible Or it is shredded for using as packaging material like in fruit packaging like Pomegranate or Grapes.

This applications need separate shredder configurations. like micro cut or cross cut shredders used for paper security shredding or 4 mm and 7 mm strip shredder for fruit packaging vendors.

The Labels shredding requirement is driven by only product destruction need. i.e. the unused printed labels can not be thrown in the trash as it is. If the label rolls are scrapped as it is then there is a chance that these labels can be miss used by wrong doers.

Shredded label pieces doesn't have any commercial recycling value as such as the paper part is usually laminated with very thin plastic and butter paper part in pieces doesn't have resale value. More over the adhesive chemical is there.

If used as RDF it might have some resale value but we are not aware of such activity happening around us. Use as RDF means using it as fuel for burning in cement plants.

PVC, PVDC Rolls Shredder

A Heavy Duty Dual Shaft Shredder machine (SM HD Series) to shred the whole roll along with the core

Challenges of Sticker Label Shredding

The primary challenge is the issue of adhesive material. Stickers, labels get stuck on the shredder blades and strippers, side walls and every other surface which comes in contact such as feed hopper and output chute.

As the blades and get coated with the adhesive material it starts accumulating the paper/plastic powder material which is generated in the shredding activity. This powder like material increases lateral pressure in on the shredder blades, leading to static load on the machine.

By static load we mean that the shredder blades are in continuous friction and hence the shredder draws lot of current just to start without load.

Hence it is very important while shredding stickers and labels that there should be some arrangement in place which doesn’t allow the material to stick inside.

Sticker Label Rolls Shredder

Amey Engineers have developed a special shredder system which can shred the sticker labels without getting affected by the problem of adhesive material.

Sticker, Label Adhesive Material Rolls shredding Solution

Amey Engineers have developed a system to effectively shred the sticker label rolls.

Generally in pharma, FMCG or food industry the scrapped sticker labels are not in loose format but are in roll format. These rolls along with its core are discarded and shredded.

Shredding whole rolls requires lot of power and specific cutter design.

Aluminum Foil Rolls Shredder

A Heavy Duty Dual Shaft Shredder machine (SM HD Series) to shred the whole roll along with the core

PVC, PVDC, Aluminum Rolls Shredding

These rolls if rejected in bulk offer a major challenge for security destruction.

The most common method used at many pharma companies in India is to use hand drill machine and make 5-6 drill holes on the roll. This is a easiest (? – not so much for operator) and less time consuming method. But it’s not full proof and there is a chance of miss use.

Instead a spool type arrangement is used and roll is shredded on simple dual shaft paper shredder. But this is a very slow process required lot of shredder running time.

Amey Engineers have given 2 types of solution different than above 2 mentioned practices.

We provide a roll cutting machine. This machine cut open the roll form on side from outer surface till its center. This makes strips of the roll sheets instead of a continuous roll. Now these strips can be easily shredded in simple dual shaft shredder manually at a very high speed.

In second for large bulk waste generators we provide large shredders. Whole rolls can be put in with its core in any orientation inside. It takes from 15 mins to 5 mins to process a whole roll depending on its diameter and machine power selected.

These 2 roll shredding methods are very popular in pharma companies across india.

Call us or write us know more details about sticker, label, PVDC, PVC and aluminum roll shredding machines.

Roll Cutter System

An innovative machine designed by Amey Engineers to cut open the rolls.

This machine can cut the roll along a radius which opens up the roll to form strips. These strips can then be shredded in any shredder for destruction purpose.