Organic Waste Shredders

Organic Waste Shredders (OWS)

Organic Waste Shredders (OWS)

Working Principle

OWS Shredders works on hammer mill principle.


Hammer blades are mounted on 4 pins of Rotor Shaft. Rotor is placed at the enter of a drum shaped body with tangential opening for feed and screened opening for output.


The Rotor rotates at more than 1000 rpm. i.e. input material may get hammered 4000 times in a minute. This hammering, bouncing on cutting chamber and grating on screen collectively reduces the input material size.

Advantage of OWS Shredders on Dual Shaft shredders

  • Comparatively higher throughput at lower Cost than dual shaft shredder

  • Can process most difficult objects at comparative low motor HP than dual shaft shredders

  • Even 1 HP OWS an process coconuts

  • Can be fitted with various types of screens to suit the application and material

  • Light Weight Design

  • Ease of Maintenance

OWS Shredders are ideal solution for


Pre shredding of all type of organic waste for faster composting either by open pit method or by mechanical composter or by vermicomposting

Individual, Farmhouses

OWS Shredders can shred ALL types of organic waste including Coconuts, Bones, garden waste, cooked food waste, Market vegetable waste hence it is the best low cost solution for one stop shredding

Remote villages, Mobile Shredders

OWS shredders are very mobile and can be run on petrol/ diesel engines. Ease of maintenance and low cost of wear parts makes this ideal solution for far off areas


  • Standard Electric Motor Drive

  • Diesel/Petrol Engine Drive

  • MS Powder Coated Finish

  • GMP - SS 304 Finish

  • Castor Wheel Mounting

  • Extended Hopper Attachment

Advantages Of Amey Engineers OWS Shredders over the Similar Design Models in the market

  • Cutting chamber can be opened easily without disturbing rotor and bearings

  • Controlled spray area of output particles.

  • Collection of shredded material in plastic crates which are easily available in the market

  • Sturdy stand and rugged body

  • Base heavy design - Less vibrations and noise

  • Least cost in the segment (when compared with equivalent HP and chamber size)

  • 100% in-house Design, Development and Manufacturing


High speed operation

Noise during shredding, operator safety vigilance required. Material should be fed gradually in the hopper

Wear parts

Hammers , screen will gradually wear off and will require replacement as per the machine usage


long, fibrous items may get wound on rotter and can cause jam. In such case the cutting chamber needs to be open to remove the coiled material. (We have added special feature so that the chamber opening is made very simple than that in similar models in market)

Material Throwback

To cater all types/sizes of organic waste large opening is required. Due to the large opening and high speed operation there is always a chance of throw back of the material from the feed opening

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Organic Waste Shredder for Composting at societies : OWS

Amey Engineers OWS series single shaft shredders are specifically developed keeping in mind the budget constraints and performance requirements of societies and farmhouses.

Organic Waste Shredder for Composting - processing Coconut Tree Leaves

Coconut tree leaves trial on OWS 3.

Leaves are cut into manageable pieces for manual feeding