PS H Series Shredders

PS Industrial Heavy Dual Shaft Shredders Introduction :

PS H series dual shaft shredders are the workhorse of the Pharmaceutical Industry. These shredders with power range typically from 5 HP till 20 HP in 3 phase. The three standard models 300, 400 and 600 are designed and customized to shred ALL types of Pharma, FMGC and Food Industry waste. The reason these are called heavy duty models is because these shredders are used to shred even the metal objects and HDPE plastic objects and E-waste material and can be used for throughput upto 1 tons/hr. These are very versatile shredders which can be used for shredding of Paper, Cardboard, Pharmaceutical scrap like blisters, foils, cartons, literature, vials, ampules, HDPE bottles, PET Bottles, Glass bottles, eye drop bottles, canister destruction and many other applications. With the accessories evolved around this shredder customer can have dust separation , Liquid separation, Tablet separation, and many more unique application.

PS 600 H MC Combo - for Bottles and Flat Objects

PS 600 H MC

PS 300 H System - Blister & foil shredder with crushed tablet separator and dust collector

PS 300 H
* Note: Illustrations, specifications and descriptions presented reflect standard product at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories ** Throughput depends on the material type and dimensions

Applications of PS H Shredders

General Applications

  • Paper Shredding

  • Cross Cut Shredding

  • Cardboard Shredding

  • Textile Shredding

  • Foam Shredding

Pharma Industry Applications

  • Blister/Foils Shredding

  • Mono Carton Shredding

  • Plastic Ampules Shredding

  • HDPE Bottles Shredding

  • Glass Vials Shredding

  • Glass Bottles Shredding

  • Eye/Ear/Nose Medicine Drops Bottles Shredding

  • Canister Shredding

Organic Waste Shredding

  • Vegetable Waste Shredding

  • Food Waste Shredding

  • Leaves Shredding

Mini PET Bottle Shredder

General Technical Specifications

PS 600 H - 2 Stage

PS 600 H

PS 400 H

PS 400 H

Application Videos of PS H Shredders

Plastic Recycling Industry

PET, HDPE bottles shredder - PS 600 H MC GMP Combo

Plastic Can Shredding - PS 600 H MC

Plastic Packaging material shredding - PS 600 H MC

Katran for Fruit Packaging Industry

Katran Making for Fruit Industry - PS 400 H

Metal Recycling Industry

Aluminum Sheet Shredding - PS 600 H MC

Paint Tins Shredding - PS 600 H MC

FMCG Industry

Toothpaste tubes shredding - PS 300 H MC GMP

Sanitary Napkins Shredding - PS 300 H