Glass Shredding and Crushing

Amey Engineers have 2 solutions for Glass shredding crushing, pulverizing , namely Amey Engineers Crusher and Dual Shaft Shredder.

Glass Crusher Machines

1. Amey Engineers Crusher for glass crushing/ pulverizing

  • Glass Crusher Machines are best suitable for small object destruction application like glass ampoules vials.

  • Glass bottle Crusher can give a controlled output size. Example if you need glass crushed to less than 5 mm particle size then you have to go with a crusher machine.

  • Crusher machine are better than hammer mill type glass pulverizes as these generates less dust.

  • Amey engineers glass crushers are very few and can be easily replaced by the operator. No need of large down time and no need of expert engineer required for cutter replacement.

Dual Shaft Shredders

2. Amey Engineers Dual Shaft Shredders for glass crushing .

  • Dual shaft shredders of Amey engineers are best suitable when only destruction is the purpose.

  • Example destruction of beer bottle, wine bottles, liquor bottles to reduce its volume in transportation.

  • The destruction is primary requirement in the pharmaceutical and FMCG industry to avoid wrong product from going to the market.

  • A dual shaft shredder for destruction of pharma vials, bottles and FMCG bottles is it most common application in the market.

Shredder Crusher Comparison

  • Shredder machine operation is silent than that of crusher machine.

  • Shredder machine cutters will wear off comparatively slower than crusher machine.

  • Replacement cost of the cutter in crusher machine is negligible as compared to that of the shredder machine.

  • Output of the crusher machine will be in the form of more uniformly grinded pieces. While shredder output is rough cut pieces of random size.

  • Liquid separation of crushed glass output gives better result than shredded glass material.

  • In Crushers all sizes of glass can be destroyed 100%. even 1ml ampules. Small diameter/length material may slip uncut or half cut in shredder machine.

  • Cost advantage in case of Crusher

Glass Crusher Machine

Amey Engineers provide a wide range of Heavy Duty Crushers, designed to crush and reduce large solid chunks.

Laboratory Glass Crusher

Glass Crusher Machines are best suitable for small object destruction application like glass ampules vials.

Industrial Glass Shredder

Amey Engineers provide a versatile shredder designed to shred both glass and plastic (PET) bottle