Tyre Shredding Machine

Tyre Shredding Machine

Tyre Shredding Machine

Tyre shredding machine is one of the main products of Amey Engineers. It is the key machine in the process of waste tyre recycling . The machine is also called tyre shredder, which is used to crush the whole tyre (the size of the tyre is smaller than 1200 mm) into rubber pieces of 50mm*50mm at normal temperature. The tyre shredding machine for sale mainly includes these devices: tire hoist, power system, shredding steels, screening unit, etc.

Different Applications of Amey Engineers Tyre Shredding Machine

1. Pre-treatment device

The tyre shredding equipment can be used as pre-treatment device , which can not only save cost and energy for the whole production, but only can improve efficiency greatly. The main parts of the equipment include single hook wire remover machine, jaw tyre cutting machine, crusher, belt conveyor.

2. Independent rubber powder production line

The rubber tyre shredder equipment can be also used to produce rubber particles, whose size is between 30 mesh and 200 mesh. The particles are widely used to make auto parts, rubber damping cushion, artificial turf, soles, rubber road facilities, rubber carpet, rubber floor mat, rubber modified asphalt road, rubber track, etc.

Features of Tyre Shredding Machine

  • The tyre shredding machine has features of high security guarantee, durable, cramped construction, advanced technical method, low energy consumption, high efficiency.

  • It is convenient to maintain because of the open structure.

  • It is equipped with planet gear speed reducer, which ensures smooth and reliable operation, low noise as well as safe.

  • The cutting edge of the knife is the special cemented carbide, which has been processed by high hardness and wear-resisting. The wearing part can be changed quickly. It has advantages of long service life, high efficiency and advanced technology.

  • Round mesh screen is steel grid structure with large blanking area. It is convenient to classify the qualified recyclable rubber blocks. And?it also can avoid shredding the qualified rubber blocks repeatedly.

Double Shaft Tyre Shredding Machine

This machine is specially designed used for shredding the tyres, car tyre, truck tyre and so on. its adopt the screen system to get equal output size; for the small tyre it can directly shredding without take out the side steel; We also have the whole tyre recycling machinery used to recycling the waste tyre into rubber powder, it will remove the steel and fiber from the rubber. so you can get pure runnber from the waste tyre in the end.