Aluminum Radiators Recycling

Dual Shaft Shredder For Radiator bales primary Shredding

Amey Engineers SM EHD series Extra heavy duty dual shaft shredders are designed to take heavy load of 300 mm thick Aluminum Radiator bales and gives output in 100 x 100 mm pieces.

These pieces of radiator bale are best suitable for processing in a hammer mill

Hammer Mills for Radiator fine grinding for dust and copper separation

Amey Engineers Hammer mill is designed to extract maximum efficiency from a medium power motor in the range of 40 -50 HP. The shredded radiator pieces are fed in the hammermill.

The hammer mill releases dust from the aluminum and cleans the metal also it reduces the particle size and gives uniform size output

Amey Engineers machines are 100% made in India. Complete machine is designed and manufactured in house by our able team of engineers. Each and every part including the gear box is inhouse made which gives us maximum control over the spares parts availability.

SM 2500 EHD

SM 900 EHD