Paper Shredding for Recycling

Paper Waste for recycling

Input Paper Waste for shredder

Paper Shredding for Recycling

Paper shredder is most common and first application of the shredder. Desktop shredders are now a most common feature in any corporate office.

But the paper recycling required different types of paper shredder machine. These are heavy duty shredders able to handle the bulk load and continuous use.

The paper shredders for recycling are used in printing industry as well as small recycling application such as fruit packaging industry etc..

Amey Engineers duals shaft shredders are used to shred common paper to form strips or commonly called as Katran. This Katran is used in fruit packaging Lowest Cost katran Shredder inthe market. Best performance and low cost katran shredder. News Paper katran shredder. Paper kartan shredder. Heavy duty single phase katran shredder.