Slaughterhouse Waste Processing for Biogas

Slaughterhouse Waste Processing

Slaughterhouse waste

Slaughterhouse waste

Slaughterhouse waste to biogas conversion

Slaughterhouse waste includes all rejects of the animal which do not have any commercial value.

There is a major challenge to process this waste as all management aspects of theis waste are difficult. Slaughterhouse waste management needs handling, storing and processing the scraps of intestine, hooves, blood and infected meat.

The most common way of processing this waste is to convert this into biogas.

For biogas conversion the waste is first ground to fine particle size like paste. This slurry is then fed in to digesters.

Small machine video for Slaughterhouse waste processing

Shredder System video for large scale Slaughterhouse waste processing

Amey Engineers Solutions for slaughterhouse waste processing

Amey Crushers are best suitable for fine particle size output

Amey Dual Shaft Shredders are best suitable for large capacities but rough cut size output

Bio Mixers are the cost efficient solution for large capacity and acceptable fine slurry

Slaughterhouse Waste Grinding systems

A unique offering of the Amey Engineers a system of 2 different technologies. The system enables bulk loading of the waste and gives streamlines fine particle size output.

The advantage of this system is its cost efficient proposal. The system has a minimal maintenance requirement.