Coconut Processing

SM 300 - 4 Shaft Shredder With NS 400

Coco Peat System

This is a two stage system for coco peat manufacturing

In first stage a 4 shaft or a dual shaft shredder is used for primary shredding of the coconuts. A 4 shaft shredder is ideal for controlled size output where as dual shaft shredder is ideal for large volume processing

Second stage is a grinder machine. This is a high speed crusher with multiple rotary and stationary blades. We ideally offer 6 stationary and 4 rotary arrangement.

Crusher machine is fitted with the sizing screen. machine can be used with multiple screens as per the application example 2 mm , 5 mm etc...

Low Cost Shredder for Coconut Leaves



Heavy Duty Shredder for Coconuts

SM 600 - 4 Shaft

Coconut Husk Fine Grinding

NS 300