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How to select the right shredder for your need

It is not an easy task to select the right solution for the your particular shredding requirements.

Shredder machine is a very common word which represents single shaft shredders, dual shaft shredders and 4 shafts shredders. In western countries the grinders or crusher machine are called as shredders.

Shredder power is most critical factor of the shredder selection process.

Most of the shredding solution failed due to miss match of load and power of the machine.

At Amey Engineers we invest most of the sales time interacting with customer understanding the application, understanding the material to be processes and most of all the operational procedure which would be followed by the actual users of the machine

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Amey Engineers Industrial Shredders

Amey Engineers' PS 300 4 Shaft Industrial Shredder

Power : 10 x 2 - 80 x 2 HP

Key to select right shredder machine

Before approaching a shredder manufacturer go through below check list

  • Make a list of all items you wish to shred

  • Identify the smallest and largest size items from the list and keep the dimensions (length x width x height) data handy

  • Identify the most difficult to cut or hardest material from the list and keep samples available

  • Identify desired throughput in term of kg/hr or "no of items"/hr

  • Identify the desired shredded output size. example in terms of paper it can be strip of 12 mm or cross cut pieces of 6 x 50 mm etc..

  • Generate a brief description of your application for manufacturer's understanding. Application can be of recycling, or general destruction purpose or material liberation etc...

Always provide the constraints clearly so that the suitable solution can be identified.

Constraints could be anything, most common are power (motor HP) and noise level (e.g. < 65 dbm)

We always advise customers to send sample to our factory before finalizing the machine or better to visit us with the actual material to witness the trials.

At our facility we offer a wide variety of shredders for trials. We conduct trials in different configurations to provide the education and option to the customer.

Amey Engineers is known for best shredder machine manufacturer in India.

Wide Range of Shredders : Power Range from 0.5 HP to 180 HP and more

Variety of applications : Pharma, FMCG, Bio Mass, Metal, Glass, E-Waste, Recycling

Customized Solutions : Single Shaft , Double Shaft, 4 Shaft, Multi Stage Shredders

Sophistication : Smart Control Panel with Auto Reverse, cGMP construction

Video Collection

PS 600 H

SM 300 - 4 Shaft

Amey Engineers is one of the pioneers in India's Heavy Duty Shredder manufacturing industry.

From 1986 Amey Engineers are designing and manufacturing shredders. With in-house designing, development and manufacturing Shredding manufacturing at Amey Engineers is completely integrated

Wide variety of shredders from a few kg/hr to tons/hr throughput

Amey Engineers have developed varied range of shredders to meet customer requirements in their budget. Amey Engineers we have developed unique of cutters, feeders, collector and surrounding accessories such as dust collector, scrubber, Safety inter-lock which. Through this we offer a very customized and fault free shredder which is the best suitable for the desired shredding.

Customized solutions to meet plant constraints and adapt to process flow

The continuous desire to offer BEST machine suitable for the application attracted attention of various industries. Initially Amey Engineers started developing shredders specifically for pharma industry, but over the years this customer portfolio has expanded by leaps and bound and now many leading companies in FMCG, Bio Medical, Hospital, Healthcare, E waste management, Municipal Waste management, Industrial waste management are using our machines.

While the whole market is concentrated on commercial paper shredders Amey Engineers have already developed machines for shredding of tubes, coconut, tire, foils, blisters, wood, mixed municipal waste, e waste and many more applications. With experience of GMP manufacturing practices we are leader in supplying for Pharma industry.

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