Metal Shredders

Metal Shredder Machine

Metal Shredder Machine

Metal Shredder is specially designed for shredding waste metal like car, steel, aluminum, steel wire, cooper into clean-cut primary scraps down to size. with the special design of low speed, high torque operation, minimized noise and power consumption high production, metal shredder features a patented knife system manufactured for extremely durable and easily-replacing knife which result in giving the input metal clean and fast cut.

Metal Shredder Features

  • Special design of low speed

  • High torque operation

  • Minimized noise

  • Power consumption

  • High production

  • Metal shredder blades are extremely durable and easy to replace.

Heavy Duty Metal Shredders

40 HP and more power Shredders for heavy duty shredding applications such as Car Body Shredding, Bulk metal shredding, Metal Drums Shredding etc.

4 Shaft Metal Shredders

4 Shaft shredders are best suitable for controlled size output. These are of typically 100 HP and more power for metal shredding applications.

Light Metal Shredders

PS H Series Shredders in the power range of upto 15 HP for light duty metal scrap shredding

Medium to Heavy Duty Metal Shredders

SM Series Shredder suitable for city level scrap vendors for general purpose metal shredding of all common metal objects