Stainless Steel SS utensils scrap shredder

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Double shaft stainless steel utensils shredding machine - Recycling made easy for you. Just one machine with many benefits!

✓ Double or dual shredding machines work with two different shafts of blades. We design, develop and manufacture machines using the best quality raw material that enables you to gain maximum profits by delivering top quality material to your clients.

✓ How does it work? - When stainless steel utensils are fed into the hopper, the opposite cutting blades of the shafts either catch or hook the utensil and shred or bite the material till it is broken down into small and uneven pieces. We have designed many applications for this requirement but we are known more for our customisation capability. Here are a few features that will make your decision-making easier and fruitful.

✓ Less load, more profit! - If you are looking for a metal shredding machine that operates with a motor capacity of 40~50HP, we have it ready for you. Usually, we offer services to large units with machine shredding capacity of 200~500HP. But with our experience and expertise, we have built machines of motor capacity of 40~50HP that will provide you an output of 1 ton per hour at a lower investment cost.

✓ More weight, more profit (Send full load capacity in cargo) - Loading unshredded SS utensils in a truck will take up more space and less material which will increase your transportation cost but if material is first shredded and then loaded, more material can be transported thus resulting in profit. Bulk density of shredded material is more than unshredded material.

✓ Shred more, store more (optimize your storage capacity) - Storing unshredded utensils and other materials can take up a lot of your storage space. So once you receive scrap from your designated sources, shred it immediately and increase your storage capability as shredded material consumes lesser space than unshredded utensils.

✓ Quality is important - Unshredded utensils can be filled with other debris to increase the cargo weight but shredded material does not have space to hold unwanted debris so minimise your risk and maximise your gains by transporting material that has been ordered. Nothing more, nothing less!

✓ Ease of use: Shredded SS utensils can be easily put into the foundry for melting and reduces material breakage time, labour and cost for the recycling unit.


✓ On-site spares, repairs and maintenance - Since we have an experience of more than 35 years in the metal industry, our machines are built for rugged and robust use so chances of break-down are very minimal. But in case you experience any mishap, our experienced team of engineers and technicians have the ability to replace and/or repair any damaged spare part and fix the machine on your site.


SM HD 2 Shaft Technical Specifications:

Safety features:

1. Hopper length and flap suitably distanced to ensure that operator's hands do not reach the cutters.

2. An emergency STOP button is provided near the operator.


This dual Shaft Shredder machines' metal shredding applications include but not limited to:

Roofing sheet shredder, Metal Swarf Shredder, Metal Turnings Shredder, Canister Shredder.


Who are we?: We are Amey Engineers; we design and manufacture machines for various applications in material size reduction and separation. We are based out of Dombivli, Thane, Maharashtra. We have a Pan-India customer base across the pharma industry, all types of recycling industries, FMCG, food industry and automobile industry. We also direct exports to Southeast Asia, Middle East and African countries and also have exposure in the European and American market.


These videos are uploaded to educate our buyers about machine functioning, operation, and input/output material demonstration. The videos are not made to attract viewership and subscribers. We make these videos on a smartphone. Please excuse the poor quality of lighting and editing.

Other Application videos of Sm HD Dual Shaft Shredders:

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Tire Recycling -

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Pharmaceutical Scrap Destruction -

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e-waste Recycling -

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