Chip Wringer

Cutting Oil Reclaimers for Engineering, Manufacturing, Automobile, Auto Ancillaries to Recover cutting oil from metal chip generated by machining operations

Amey Engineers Chip Wringers or Cutting Oil Reclaimer

At Amey Engineers we have perfected our chip wringer through years of development and customer feedbacks. Over period we have managed to win loyalty of many leading companies in Auto and Manufacturing industry.

Under the Cutting Oil Reclaimers we offer varied variety of model which are specifically developed to meet the requirements. The Chip wringers are basically differentiated in Batch or Continuous mode. In each mode multiple models are offered to cater the quantum requirement. Sizing of a Cutting Oil Reclaimer machine depends on the amount of chip user wish to have in a batch (or generate per hour in case of continuous operation).

Chip Wringers designed by Amey Engineer achieve about 95% dryness i.e. saving of 95% of the high priced cutting oil whcih would have beed thrown away. Because of the minimal servicing requirement and nearly none mandatory periodic expenses Amey Cutting Oil Reclaimers recover their cost within 1.5 - 2 years.

Cutting Oil Reclaimers / Chip Wringers Models

Brief Introduction

High grade cutting oil is used in CNC machines to preserve tool condition over longer period. This cutting oil sticks to the chips generated in the machining operation. Due to huge surface area of metal chips a large quantity of oil is stuck to the fresh metal chips (wet chips). Generally some of the oil is released by these wet chips due to gravitational filtering (by holding wet chips in a perforated bucket for some time) this quantity is about 20% of the oil that is stuck. Remaining oil is retained in the wet chips.

Every year a large quantity of cutting oil is wasted in manufacturing, auto industry as it is thrown away with the metal shreds (wet chips) generated after the tooling operations. Hence in all industries where continuous high speed tooling is done a machine is used for cutting oil reclamation this machine is also known as chip wringer (as it is used for wringing oil from metal chips).