Pharmaceutical Plastic Bottles Shredder

Heavy Duty Bottle Shredder Machine

Heavy Duty Bottle Shredder Machine

Amey Engineers Heavy Duty Bottle Shredder Machine is an industrial grade shredder ideal for shredding all sorts of Bottles (Plastics - LDPE, HDPE, PP bottles as well as Glass bottles) as well as jars.

Combo arrangement can be provided for simultaneous shredding of Plastic and Glass bottles. Apart from this Dust collector arrangement, Pressure pad arrangement and liquid separation arrangement can also be included.

Other Features include:

  • Low maintenance and life cycle cost

  • Low noise operation

  • Heavy duty construction

  • Special alloy steel Cutters and shafts for long service life.

PET, HDPE and other Pharma Plastic Bottles Shredding

A PS H MC series Dual shaft shredder for bulk destruction of plastic bottles

Mini Shredder for online destruction of small size plastic and glass bottles

PS OH MC series mini industrial shredder in combo arrangement for glass and plastic bottles

Combo Shredder for Plastic bottles and Glass Vials and Ampules

PS 600 H MC in combo configuration to shred plastic bottle as well as glass material. Also a simple arrangement to separate out liquid.