SM Series 4 Shaft Shredders

SM Industrial Four Shaft Shredders Introduction :

Four shaft shredders are used for the unique applications where high throughput, High cutting power and moderate output particle size control is required. A four shaft shredder is a slow speed high torque shredder and it can also be fitted with a screen.

A Dual shaft shredder can give very high throughput in any shredding application, but dual shaft shredders can not be fitted with a screen hence it is not possible to have any control on the output size of a dual shaft shredder. A Grinder or Crusher machine can be fitted with a screen and can give a very controlled size output. But the throughout of a grinder is very low. Also Grinder can not process very large size and tough material easily.

SM 300 - 4 Shaft System

SM 300

Product Video

SM 4 Shaft Technical Specifications

Applications of SM Shredders

General Applications

  • Plastic Shredding

  • Metal Shredding

  • E-waste Shredding

  • Paper Shredding

  • Product Destruction

Pharma Industry Applications

All type of waste shredding except Glass

FMCG Industry

All Types of waste shredding

Organic Waste Shredding

All Types of Waste Shredding for Composting Application

Tire Shredding

Metal Shredder for Recycling

E-Waste Recycling

  • PCB Shredding

  • Hard Disk Shredding

SM Shredders
Plastic Shredding
E waste Recycling
* Note: Illustrations, specifications and descriptions presented reflect standard product at time of publication and are subject to change without notice. Dimensions are approximate. Photographs may include optional equipment and accessories ** Throughput depends on the material type and dimensions

Application Videos of SM Dual Shaft Shredders

Pharmaceutical Industry

Mixed Pharma Waste Destruction - SM 300 4 Shaft

Blisters, Foils, Strips Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft

Mixed Pharmaceutical Waste Destruction - SM 300 4 Shaft

Organic Waste Shredding

Heavy Duty Organic Waste Shredding (MSW - Municipal Solid Waste) - SM 600 4 Shaft

Wood Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft

Whole coconut Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft

FMCG Industry

Scotch Bright (Abrasive material ) Destruction - SM 300 4 Shaft

Plastic Pouches Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft System

Plastic Bottles and lumps Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft GMP

Metal Recycling

Extra Heavy Duty Metal Shredder - SM 800 4 Shaft

E-Waste Recycling

PCB, PC Cabinet Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft

E-Waste Shredding - SM 300 4 Shaft