Bio Mixers for Bio Gas Plants

Bio Mixers, Bio Crushers, Bio Disintegration machine requirement

Bio Gas plants require the input material to be fed in the slurry form. The particle size requirement in the slurry depends on the bio gas technology used. Usually this particle size is less than 10 mm.

These machines need to process a wide variety of materials for example

· Agricultural waste, farm waste , paddy

· Slaughterhouse waste

· Mixed Municipal Solid waste

· Kitchen waste

· Vegetable Market waste

· Flower market waste

Every above mentioned category required a unique approach for cost efficient processing.

Bio Mixer System

Slaughterhouse waste processing application.

2 Stage shredding system. Dual Shaft Shredder plus bio mixer grinder for paste like output.

If enough budget is available then the 2 stage processing method is best suitable.

In this the first stage is usually a dual shaft shredder machine. The opening of the shredder machine is selected as per the feed material dimensions.

For example in slaughterhouse waste processing 1 feet feed opening is enough for feeding in waste. Whereas for vegetable market waste grinds or flower market waste shredding at least 2 ft opening shredder is preferred. For General MSW applications 3 ft or larger opening shredder is preferred.

The second stage is a bio mixer or a bio crusher machine. Most commonly design of this machine is based on the kitchen sink disintegration or under the sink crusher machine.

At Amey Engineers we have developed the cutting chamber with combination cutting system. In Amey Engineers Bio crushers the fed in material is first undergoes shear cut which makes pieces of about 15 mm size and these pieces are then ground to paste in a rotary grinder arrangement.

Videos of Bio mixer for bio gas application

Bio Mixer 300 - 7.5 HP

Bio Mixer 220

Bio Mixer 300 - 10 HP

Bio Mixer 300 - 5 HP

With Amey Engineers bio mixers output size of average less than 5 mm can be obtained.

While shredding high fibrous material like bagasse or paddy the cut fibers are of uneven length between 5 mm to 20 mm size.

This is continuous flow system where no screen is used. Due to absence of the screen the output particle size and throughput capacity are subject to the water flow rate in the machine.

Water is continuously added in the machine. Waste acts in 2 ways. First it helps wash out the crushed paste out of the machine. Secondly it helps to wash and bring the material closer to he cutting blades. As long leafy material tends to stuck in the feed hopper it needs either water or pusher arrangement to bring it down to the cutters.

Apart from the bio crushers and bio mixer systems i.e. shredder + bio Crusher we also make only shear grinders under Amey Engineers NS and NSM series.

These Amey Crushers are used when a definite particle size is required e.g. less than 2 mm etc. Amey Crushers does not need water addition for grinding the vegetable waste or kitchen waste. Moreover if plastics or other impurities are present those will also get crushed to fine particle size. This prevents chocking of the slurry pump if used in tandem with the crusher.

NS and NSM series crushers are available from 3 HP to 30 HP range in standard models and various other customized solutions are also available.