Batch Type Chip Wringers


Batch Type Chip Wringers are perfectly suitable where multiple CNC machines are spread across manufacturing floor. Specially customised trolleys are used to collect chips from all machines. These wet chips are then carried to the Chip Wringer machine and then directly loaded into the machine (Unique offering by Amey Engineers) or loaded by hand (standard practice ) or the trolley is toppled into the machine by use of trolley lifters (Unique offering by Amey Engineers).

After the oil is separated the material is either removed from top by hand or hook or with the help of conveyors.

We have delivered complete systems where trolley is only put at specific location and from there onwards loading the chip wringer to storing separated oil and chips (direct loading into the truck) is taken care by the machine.

Batch type Cutting Oil Reclaimers Machines offer maximum oil separation to the tune of 90 - 95%.